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In October 31, 1912, the Greek army frees Metsovo, leading to the end of Ottoman rule in the area.

Cretan people during the liberation of Metsovo. (Archive of G. Plataris-Tzimas)

During the last ten days of October 1912, groups of Cretan volunteers, along with a detachment consisting of 340 soldiers of the regular army, moved through the area of Thessaly to the Greek-Turkish borders that, at the time, crossed the eastern hills of Metsovo.
On October 31, 1912, at 6am, the Greek troops, helped by guerilla groups from Epirus and volunteers from Metsovo, attacked the Turkish guards which was made up of 205 soldiers and 2 cannon. Fighting lasted until 4pm, when the Ottoman soldiers, besieged in the fortress of Metsovo, raised the white flag of surrender.