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The First Balkan War breaks out in October 5, 1912.

The First Balkan War was fought between the Balkan League – comprised of Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro – and the Ottoman Empire. Within a few months the Ottoman Empire collapsed losing almost all of its European territories. However, Bulgaria’s wish for more land and especially its frustration at almost losing Macedonia, led to the Second Balkan War. On this occasion, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, the Ottoman Empire and Romania joined forces against Bulgaria. The new war lasted just one month. It ended with the intervention of the European forces and led to the signing of the Treaty of Bucharest (July 1913). The Balkan Wars redrafted the map of the Balkan Peninsula. It was then that the independent Albanian state was founded. Serbia annexed Kosovo, Novi Pazar and part of Macedonia. Part of Macedonia was also annexed by Bulgaria (Bugaria calls it «Pirin Macedonia»), while Romania acquired south Dovroutsa. Greece received Epirus, a large part of Macedonia, the east Aegean islands and Crete.