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After Georgios Averoff died in 1899, a large part of his fortune was given over to fund the operation of schools, the construction of an aqueduct, springs and a bridge, the repair of public roads and churches, tree planting, the maintenance of a cemetery, the supply of free medicines to all Metsovo residents, poor girls were provided with dowries and the purchase of books was made for the creation of a public library.
The general supervision of the legacies and the schools was assigned to Georgios’ elder brother, Nikolaos Michael Averoff (Kolakis, son of Halis).

The first page of Georgios Averoff’s will. (Archive of G. Plataris-Tzimas)

Georgios Averoff’s brother, Nikolaos (Kolakis, son of Halis), with his children Georgios, Konstantinos and Douko (Evdokia). (Archive of G. Plataris-Tzimas)