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In 1875, the area of Metsovo permanently became a kaza; a kaymakam (deputy governor) and a kadı (judge) were also established there. In total, it incorporated approximately 6,000 residents.

The 1895 Statistics

The 1864 administrative reforms of the Ottoman state led to a change in the names of the administrative divisions and the related offices.
The empire was divided into vilayets (prefectures or general administrative divisions), which were divided into sanjaks, which themselves were divided into kazas. The kazas, like the kaza of Metsovo, were governed by kaymakams, who were appointed and dismissed directly by Istanbul.
According to the 1895 census – the only published source containing a detailed recording of the population of Epirus during the Ottoman rule – the kaza of Metsovo belonged to the sanjak of Ioannina. In addition to the kasaba (Hora) of Metsovo, it included another three villages, Anilio, Voutonosi and Milia. In total, the kaza of Metsovo had 5371 residents and 1148 hanes (houses).

A table with the villages of the kaza of Metsovo, taken from the 1895 Statistics (The Turkish Statistics for Epirus in the 1895 Salname 1895, Mihalis Kokolakis).