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In the early 1870s, the «Averoff pharmacy» was founded in Metsovo. It provided the entire city and the residents of the wider area, including soldiers of the Turkish guard, with free medicine.


On April 23, 1908, in a letter to the Port (Home Office), a representative of the Vali (governor) of Ioannina requested that the pharmaceutical materials imported from Europe and destined for the «Averoff pharmacy» be exempted from customs charges. The letter says:
«We are sending the attached report of the Metsovo Administrative Council on the Averoff pharmacy, requesting that the pharmaceutical materials it imports from Europe be exempted from duties. The pharmacy manufactures and supplies free medicines to the poor and officials. (…) The Administrative Council of the Vilayet [of Ioannina] therefore requests that the High Home Office, on one hand, grants the pharmacy an official license and, on the other hand, approves the exemption from duties of the necessary pharmaceutical materials and any it will need in the future.» (Başbakanlı Osmanlı Arşivi / Ottoman State Archives, Istanbul).

The pharmacy is believed to have opened its doors in 1816, supplying free medicines to the poor of Metsovo.