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In 1659, Sultan Mehmed IV granted tax and political privileges to the residents of Metsovo due to the services they offered as «derbentzides» (guards of «derveni»/mountain pass). The residents of the area of Metsovo were exempt from the ordinary and extraordinary taxes levied on Christian subjects in other areas, provided that every year they paid the corresponding tax in advance and in a lump-sum

One of the Metsovo area firmans. (Archive of G. Plataris-Tzimas)

Oral lore has it that Kyriakos or Kyrgos Flokas, a leading shepherd from Metsovo, contributed greatly to the granting of the privileged status to the area by the Ottomans. He was favoured by a Grand Vizier* who rewarded Kyriakos for sheltering and protecting him when his life was in danger from the Sultan

*The Grand Vizier was a form of «prime minister» in the Ottoman empire. The post holder acted as head of the Imperial council (Divani), the second highest in rank in the empire after the Sultan.