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It is estimated that the Ottomans conquered the area of Epirus and Metsovo in the mid-15th century. Metsovo was incorporated in the Trikala sanjak (administrative district) and, from the mid-19th century, in the Ioannina pashalik. The situation would not change until 1912, when the First Balkan War marked the end of the Ottoman rule. During these five centuries, the Vlach speaking population of the mountainous area of Metsovo participated in the economic life of the vast empire by paying the taxes imposed by the central administration and by developing trade relations with a wide network of centres, including Istanbul but certainly not limited to Ottoman borders. At the same time, Metsovo formed an integral part of the Ottoman administrative and military organisation, at times serving as the headquarters of Ottoman officials. The changes taking place in the empire, especially the Ottoman reforms of the 19th century, could not but affect the evolution of the Metsovo population and economy.

From the mid-19th century, Metsovo saw strong economic growth, the development of education and the construction of utility infrastructure thanks to the legacies of a number of benefactors.