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ΓΕ_1043 – rug

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Woven rug-like blanket (khrami) for narrow built-in sofa, consisting of three sheets. To central sheet, the so-called plain, is in bright red color and decorated with stylized motifs, the snail and the tortoise, spaced. The two narrow side sheets are crafted in green warp and are dominated by the motif of the two-headed eagle. With toothed edging all around.

ΓΕ_1111 -rug

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Woven rug-like blanket (khrami) resembling the decoration of a boucharopodia (fireplace hanging decorative woven material). The horizontal structure of the decoration divides the piece into two zones, one in red and one in blue, by a distinct arch whose outline is highlighted by the use of light blue color. The central motif is the diamond with two-headed eagles. A series of supplementary motifs, such as roses and diamonds covers the remaining surface of the material.

ΓΕ_1095 – Rug

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Rug formed by the assemblage of three sheets. The so-called plain, the central part of decoration, is crafted on a background of dark blue warp, decorated with diagonal rows of mice in alternating color. The plain is framed by thin edging with triangular patterns, or thorns (skinou). It is followed by the inward main edging of repeating two-headed eagles. The plain is outlined by a second, thinner, inward zigzag edging. The all-around outward edging consists of alternating patterns of a boy and a hand with apples. The rug’s outer section has zigzag edging.