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ΓΕ_970 – rug

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Floor covering (rug) in white made by local weaver Vasiliki Koutsamani in 1980. It consists of four sheets sewn together. The central part of decoration, the plain, is dominated by the Achelous River motif in vivid colors, repeatedly developed onto four rows. The plain is surrounded by three edgings: an inward one of double Sarakatsaniko; a middle, wide one with a single row ofbroskou; and, an outward one with doubleSarakatsanikoedging.

ΓΕ_962 – plate

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Commemorative plate of the appointment of Prince George as high commissioner of Crete (1898). The portrait is surrounded by meanderings. With stamp at the back: Δ.Κ.Κ. [D.K.K.].